This app listens to you speak and gives feedback! It is very helpful for speaking practice. You can only use Elsa Speak on your phone or tablet. It doesn't work on the desktop computer.
The interactive online game that improves your English pronunciation. Start changing your pronunciation the scientific way! English Accent Coach works because it trains the brain to recognize new sounds - an essential foundation for improved pronunciation.
This website has videos for individual sounds in American English pronunciation which has the sound, an example word, and a description of how to make the sound. Also, Rachel’s YouTube channel (http://www.youtube.com/user/rachelsenglish) has over 150 videos which give instruction and practice in individual sounds, speech patterns, and idioms.
This online program can listen to you speak and give you feedback. This link is for IELTs practice.
This online program will listen to your speech and give you feedback. This is the link to the speaking practice.
17 short pronunciation lessons that focus on suprasegmentals such as stress, reduction, and linking.